DUSK Channels Hectic 90’s FPS Action in New Gameplay Trailer; Multiplayer Reveal Coming at QuakeCon

David Szymanski and New Blood Interactive have released an exciting new trailer for DUSK, an immensely fun looking over-the-top FPS inspired by some 90's FPS classics.

on August 8, 2017 2:34 PM

David Szymanski and New Blood Interactive released a new trailer for their upcoming game DUSK. It shows off the hectic gameplay and graphics clearly inspired by 90’s FPS classics such as Doom, Quake, and Hexen.

Upon release, DUSK will be split into three episodes and contain 33 levels. Development on the first episode is complete, so both the game’s multiplayer and second episode are currently being worked on before the developers move on to episode three. The game is set is set in the backwoods of the American Northeast. At the start DUSK, players awaken on a meat hook, and proceed to fight their way through tons of cultists possessed militants with a wide array of weapons including the powerful shotguns seen in this trailer.

The game’s multiplayer mode will be a Quake-inspired arena affair. While details on it are currently scarce, the developers are planning to fully reveal it at QuakeCon, where the title will also be playable. QuakeCon runs from August 24 to August 27 at The Gaylord Texan in Dallas, Texas.

The trailer’s hectic gameplay also accompanied by an excellent music track from Andrew Hulshult, who has worked on titles such as Brutal Doom and Rise of the Triad. 

You can check out the brand new gameplay trailer below. DUSK will be releasing on PC sometime later this year, though the developers don’t have a specific date to announce yet.

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