Dust 514 Mercenary Pack Grants Closed Beta Access

Dust 514 Mercenary Pack Grants Closed Beta Access

CCP has announced they will be releasing a Mercenary Pack for their upcoming free to play massive multiplayer shooter, Dust 514. The pack will give players gear, game currency, and a booster to increase battlefield opportunities. Gamers will also get exclusive items, styled armor and weapons for early adopters, and access to the closed beta.

On Thursday, June 28, is the first Beta Event for Dust 514. Owners of the Mercenary Pack will have access to the event and access to the game on off-weekends. Players receive a unique dropsuit for each Beta Event to reward them for testing the game.

The pack will be priced at $19.99 and will be available for download today on the PlayStation Network. Here are full details for the pack:

  • 4,000 Aurum  – the in-game currency for DUST 514
  • 30-Day Active Skill Booster – increases earned Skill Points (SP) by 50%
  • ‘Dragonfly’ Scout Dropsuit – armor with a unique design
  • 1.5dn Myofibril Stimulant x 50 – offers players a temporary melee damage boost against opponents
  • ‘Toxin’ ICD-9 Submachine Gun that has a custom skin
  • HK4M Shotgun x 50
  • Hacked Drop Uplink x 50 – for players to create spawn points for teammates at their current location
  • Fused Locus Grenade x 50
  • All Access Beta Pass – for players to participate in each Beta Event and play during off weekends

The pack is available today and for those looking to get a head start in the game or give it a try then this pack will give you a ton of content for a low price to go with access to the closed beta.