Dust 514 Neocom App Allows Players to Stay Connected

on August 20, 2012 10:24 AM

Dust 514 is shaping up to be a unique experience that brings the world of EVE Online to game consoles. CCP has announced they will be releasing Dust 514 Neocom app for the PlayStation Vita that will allow players to interact with many of the systems from the PS3 game.

According to CCP the app will allow the customization, community, and commerce features of the PS3 game to be accessed from the Vita. While players will not be able to participate in the gameplay of battles they will be able to play a role in battles, make purchases of in game items, and customize equipment and more that can later be accessed on a PS3.

Players can use the Fittings system that allows tinkering of weapon load-outs, armor, and vehicle settings. The game store is also fully accessible and players will be able to take advantage of deals and specials through the app as well. The app will also allow the ability to navigate and explore the galaxy map of the EVE universe.

For those that do not own a Vita, all these features are also accessible through Dust 514 on the PlayStation 3. The way CCP has decided to grow the EVE Online universe is an impressive feat that now Vita owners can take part in as well.


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