Dust 514 Will Be Hosted On Multiple Servers Around The Globe

Lin Luo, Server Architect of the upcoming PS3 online FPS Dust 514 shared today some information about the server structure that will support the game, and that will allow communication with the worldwide server of EVE Online. 

While EVE Online is hosted on a centralized server cluster called Tranquillity, located in London, the nature of Dust 514 prevents such an approach, as latency for those not living in the UK or in Europe wouldn’t be conducive to smooth FPS gameplay.

That’s why DUST 514 will be hosted on battle server clusters located in several locations of the world. Each cluster will communicate with a managing server, that will in turn communicate with Tranquillity. 

That way, when a corporation in EVE Online will issue a battle contract on Tranquillity, mercenary groups on DUST514  will be able to accept it or accept the role of defenders. When the numbers on each team will reach the necessary minimum, the EVE Online server logic will instruct an appropriate DUST battle cluster to spawn the battle, receiving all the necessary information about it from Tranquillity. 

At the end of the fight everyone will receive the rewards they earned (or their losses), and the Battle Server will send the information back to Tranquillity, so that the results of the battle can influence the EVE Online universe as a whole.

The whole concept is definitely interesting and seems very solid. The only element that still needs to be seen is if the EVE player corporations will be able to provide enough battle contracts to keep the DUST 514 mercenaries busy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I honestly don’t see FPS players waiting several minutes (or worse) for a match, so I’m quite sure that CCP will introduce some battle contracts issued by the several NPC Corporations already present in EVE Online.

Giuseppe Nelva

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