Dustforce Level Editor Releasing Tomorrow for Free

on April 30, 2012 12:00 PM

When Dustforce launched earlier this year we were promised a level editor at some point. The portal to it sat there on the main screen taunting us, forever reminding you that there was more coming but you couldn’t play with it yet. Thankfully that all changes tomorrow when the level editor will be released for free for everybody!

I have a thing for making levels in games that include something like this even though like 90% of the time I never release it online and it never gets past the “making neat things” phase, so I’m glad to see this coming. The best part is the simplicity of the editor itself which appears to use a really basic paint system for all the background elements with the ability to place individual items, enemies and of course dust at will.

Check out the trailer after the break and then keep an eye for Steam to update tomorrow to get to some level making hotness! 

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