Dwarfs!? Receives Free Update

Dwarfs!? Receives Free Update


Released earlier this month by Tripwire Interactive and Power of Two Games, Dwarfs!? is a $10 arcade-like experience that is listed in the Indie, Family and Casual sections of Steam. Given that the game is noted for having some technical issues, Power of Two Games has listened to the feedback of the community and made some appropriate changes, which include content updates and bug fixes.

The following are the major changes made to Dwarfs!?:

  • You can now move around the map with the arrow keys. Hold shift to speed this up. Zooming on the keyboard is now done with +/-
  • You can now jump to the main base with both F1 and the more intuitive Home key
  • You can now change resolution with the arrow keys as well as the dropdown in Options
  • Added an option for colorblind players which changes the colors of the in-game warnings to more trippy ones
  • Added a slider in Options/Gameplay that lets you increase the maximum zoom out level. Might affect performance!
  • Holes that sit on the mossy surroundings of your Town Hall will now be grown shut in time, regardless if lava or water is flowing down it or not! The only way to counteract this is to trap the cave which the hole is a part of. How long you have before the hole is grown shut depends on difficulty, with 10 seconds in T-Hardcore and 40 seconds on Easy!

In addition, there are also some minor gameplay tweaks that will implemented. The update is entirely free, and will download the next time you play the game on Steam.