Dwarves to Join Worlds of Magic, Hot Seat Gameplay Mode Added

Dwarves to Join Worlds of Magic, Hot Seat Gameplay Mode Added

Dwarves have finally dug their way into Worlds of Magic as the game has been enhanced with ships and a brand new gameplay mode called Hot Seat.

No fantasy universe is complete without the race of Dwarves and Worlds of Magic is no different, now they must face Heroes who now have ships at their disposal and to defeat those in the Hot Seat gameplay mode, to become the master of the world.

Worlds of Magic – a 4X turn-based strategy game from Wastelands Interactive, has just been enhanced with a host of new features and improvements.

Players will be able to:

  • Play as a completely new race: Dwarves, sturdy, productive and ponderous
  • Explore a new unique plane: Earth, resource-rich, desolate wasteland
  • Battle for the Worlds of Magic with your friends in the new Hot Seat mode
  • Summon five new roaming creatures, from invisible Air Elementals to poisonous Nagas
  • Customize your heroes with a revamped and balanced hero system
  • Dominate the seas with newly implemented ships
  • Cast over fifty new unique spells, from conjuring magical city guardians to turning your whole army invisible
  • Acquaint yourself with a completely new magic circle: Arcane, with spells available to all players, allowing to summon mighty heroes and return from banishment

Other major improvements include:

  • New graphic assets such as icons, resources, and features with way more to come!
  •  New resource and feature overview windows for easier access to information
  • Customizable input
  •  Several new disciplines for Sorcerer Lords, including powerful circle masteries
  • Major stability overhaul, several hundred bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Memory usage reduction with improved 32-bit compatibility that makes the game working more smoothly on lower-end computers
  • Custom tile bonus values for each race further differentiating existing faction
  • Improved terrain generation making swamps and hills easily recognizable
  • Steam achievements
  • Improvements to both strategic and tactical AI

Worlds of Magic will release Q1 2015 for PC and Steam Early Access.

Check out the game’s screenshots in the gallery below.