Dyad’s Creator Brings New Game to Playstation Home

Dyad’s Creator Brings New Game to Playstation Home

Indie studio “] [” (pronounced “right square bracket left square bracket” or “RSBLSB”)–perhaps best known for their trippy PSN exclusive Dyad, is bringing their newest game, A Game About Bouncing to Playstation Home.

While not nearly as psychedelic as Dyad, A Game About Bouncing is still a colorful game with a simple goal: propel and bounce yourself from one body to the next, while avoiding the dark comets that increasingly seek you out.

Using just the analogs, creator Shawn McGrath envisioned Dyad’s predecessor A Game About Bouncing as a “quick game jam,” where the controls are simple to learn, but takes skills to master and earn high scores.

Players can also earn awards for their Playstation Home avatars. For more information about A Game About Bouncing and Playstation Home’s latest update, head on over to the Playstation Blog.

The game is also available for free on Windows OS via RSBLSB’s website, but still requires a dual-analog gamepad to play.