Dying Light 2 Developer Not Concerned About Next Gen Impacting Post Launch Support

While next generation consoles like Project Scarlett and PS5 are arriving less than a year after Dying Light 2's release, they won't impact post launch support.

While Techland’s Dying Light was pretty fun at launch, what really helped the game grow a massive audience was the amazing post-launch support the game has had in the 4 years since its release. That being said, Techland looked forward at E3 and showed more about Dying Light 2 at Microsoft’s Conference, Square Enix’s conference, and behind closed doors to press. I was able to check out the game at E3 2019 and talk to Kornel Jaskula, a Producer over at Techland. During our discussion, he confirmed that Techland plans to support Dying Light 2 just as much after launch as the original and was also adamant that next-gen consoles will not impact Dying Light 2’s post launch support at all.

“We, right now, can confirm that we are going to support it for years” Kornel Jaskula immediately told DualShockers when the question of post-launch support for both the original Dying Light and its sequel was brought up. While Dying Light 2 already seems like it will be packing in a lot of content and will be replayable, it is good to know that Techland is not uneasy about adding more to it.

Even though confirmed post-launch support for Dying Light 2 is great, it is worth pointing out that the game is coming out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One the same year next generation consoles are likely to hit. Microsoft has already confirmed that Project Scarlett is releasing in Fall 2020 and we already know that Sony is actively working on their next platform. While it is worth noting that at least the next PlayStation console will be backwards compatible, I was a curious to see if Techland would shift their focus away from supporting a game for current generation hardware once Project Scarlett and the PS5 release.

Fortunately, this does not seem to be the case according to Kornel Jaskula. “There are many consoles out there with the current generation so we believe that they are not going to be scraped just after the release of the new generation of consoles. There’s going to be many console out there that will still need support. Players will still use the current generation consoles so the market is going to be as big as it is right now. There’s not going to be fewer players,” he said

While the dawn of a new generation of consoles is always exciting, it is good to know that at least one game with a long service tail will not be impacted much by the new hardware. Dying Light 2 is currently slated to release in Spring 2020 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One and you can pre-order it on Amazon right now.

Tomas Franzese

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