Dying Light 2 Shows Off Its Consequential Choices In a New Gameplay Trailer

Dying Light 2 was announced with a new gameplay trailer featuring the consequences of this post-apocalyptic world in the modern dark ages.

June 10, 2018

Today is Microsoft’s media briefing and many of the new games have already been announced, including Dying Light 2, which shows off a bleak city with new walls to climb and more zombies to slay in creative new ways.

Dying Light 2 depends on consequential storytelling, giving the player having many options to each decision they make. Whether you want to be the heroic protagonist or something of a darker nature, you will still be required to watch your back every night once again.

The sequel to Dying Light brings to life the post-apocalyptic vision known as the Modern Dark Ages where the reality is now an unforgiving nightmare where bleak futures are all one can see. Players must once again depend on their skills in parkour and pick their fights wisely because humans and walkers can both be your end.

Pawel Marchewka, the CEO of Techland stated:

We are very close to our community, and we’ve clearly heard their requests for the new game. I know we kept them waiting, so I’m more than excited to finally announce: Dying Light 2 is coming. Dying Light 2 will be a truly bold sequel, combining the much loved Dying Light DNA with completely new ways to play. For the first time in the franchise, players will have the power to decide the fate of a decaying metropolis with their own choices and actions. Across the story, the melee combat, the parkour movement, and other aspects of the game, we’re giving players a completely new level of freedom.

If you missed the announcement, there were two trailers released, one being the initial announcement trailer and the other a gameplay world premiere video. With the gameplay video, we see the main character take over a water tower from two survivors by chopping one in the neck with his handmade hatchet and kicking the other from a balcony. Then we see the same scene where he joins up with them instead and continues oppressing neighboring blocks from the much-needed resource. This is used to present the changes in the world of Dying Light 2 by either helping the people or completely robbing them of the most essential of needs.

Dying Light 2 will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Did you miss out on Microsoft’s media briefing and want to know more? Then check out the two Dying Light 2 trailers and new gallery below.

Landon Luthi

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