New Dying Light 2 Trailer Revealed Spring 2020 Release Window

New Dying Light 2 Trailer Revealed Spring 2020 Release Window

Techland and Square Enix are bringing Dying Light 2 to Xbox, PS4, and PC Spring 2020.

If you thought Dying Light 2 was only going to be at Square Enix’s show tomorrow, think again. A new trailer for Techland’s sequel was revealed at the Xbox E3 2019 Briefing giving some small story details and a Spring 2020 release window.

The trailer begins by showcasing Dying Light 2‘s post-apocalyptic world known as The City. It is also the parkour playground for the game’s protagonist Aiden. Along with some zombie killing and traversal gameplay, Aiden himself gives us some background information, both personal and citywide. The dilapidated state of The City is because of the zombie virus which has flipped society on its head but Aiden won’t let it “turn me into an animal.” It’s pretty ironic since it is revealed that he is infected at the end of the trailer.

At last year’s E3, we had the opportunity to go behind closed doors to check out some gameplay. While it features many elements from the first game, it truly seems to be a very ambitious project for Techland. Complete with branching narrative choices that completely change the landscape of The City, both physically and metaphorically. We stated, “if Techland can deliver on this dynamic experience, there is no doubt this will influence games going forward.”

As I mentioned, this won’t be the last time we see Dying Light 2getting showcased this week. Square Enix will have the zombie-slaying parkour game at their live event on Monday, June 10 at 6:00 pm.