Dying Light and Rocket League Cross Paths in New DLC Collaboration

Dying Light and Rocket League Cross Paths in New DLC Collaboration

As two of last year’s surprise breakout hits, Techland’s Dying Light and Psyonix’s Rocket League may not be the titles that you ever expected to crossover in any way, but both studios are collaborating in a new DLC crossover for fans of zombies and rocket-powered cars.

In a new trailer released through Dying Light‘s YouTube channel, Rocket League-themed dune buggy skins for the game’s The Following expansion are available now for players to trick out their buggies – all you have to do to unlock the skin is click here and use the code “LIGHTMYROCKET” to grab the skin.

Along with the dune buggy skin for Dying Light, Techland also stated that “Dying Light-inspired stuff” will also be coming to Rocket League in the near future, though no more specific details were revealed just yet.

Tech land producer Tyman Smektala explained in a statement that “we’re huge fans of Rocket League and because both games offer great driving fun, we thought why not just partner up and give fans of both games some unique stuff.”

Psyonix social media marketing manager Kyle Lemmon also added in a statement that following some of the studio’s previous partnerships for DLC such as its Back to the Future and Batman v. Superman DLC, “when Techland reached out to us we thought being included in a AAA title like Dying Light made a whole lot of sense for both communities.”

Dying Light is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Rocket League is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC – you can check out a trailer for the Rocket League-inspired car skins available now in Dying Light: