Dying Light: Bad Blood is Now Free for All Players

Dying Light is the latest franchise to join in the battle royale craze for free.

By Otto Kratky

January 29, 2020

Let’s get real for a second here. PUBG came out in 2017. Fortnite came out that very same year. Since that fateful year, battle royale games have been everywhere. New Call of Duty? Battle royale game mode. Fallout 76Now has a battle royale game mode! Like an infection, battle royale game modes have been spreading across gaming. Which is why it may be so appropriate that it’s also come to Dying Light. Except now, you can get Dying Light‘s battle royale spin-off Dying Light: Bad Blood for free.

While Bad Blood has been out since 2018, this is the first time it’s been free for owners of Dying Light. All players have to do is head over to this site and sign up for an account. Afterward, link up the platform that you’ve been playing Dying Light on and you’ll be presented with a free game code.

It’s not your usual battle royale mode, either. 12 players drop into a map and must pick up weapons, destroy zombie hives, and get blood samples from them to eventually evacuate via a helicopter. Naturally, those other players can also just kill you instead of the zombies to get your blood samples and secure their ticket out. It’s an interesting take on the genre and one that’s sure to impress fans of zombie smashing, too.

This all comes hot on the heels of Dying Light 2‘s indefinite delay. The long-awaited sequel announced in 2018 it was going to launch this Spring, alongside a slew of other much-anticipated releases. Sadly, Dying Light 2 has joined those other titles in being delayed, and unlike the rest, we don’t know when it’ll be coming out.

Until then, fans of parkour-filled zombie-slaying can get their fill with Dying Light: Bad Blood. Check back here for any news on the eventual release of Dying Light 2.

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