Dying Light: Bad Blood Uses Core Gameplay Features to Create a Thrilling Multiplayer Experience

Dying Light: Bad Blood Uses Core Gameplay Features to Create a Thrilling Multiplayer Experience

During GDC 2018, DualShockers was able to get some hands-on with Techland's' Dying Light: Bad Blood the new battle royal multiple expansion.

Techland sure has proved that they know how to support their zombie killing-parkour adventure Dying Light. Since the game’s launch in 2015, the developer has been steadily updating the game with new modes, community events, and giveaways. This type of support of a game is rare in the industry, but it’s one that fans of the product appreciate.

So what is next for the Dying Light series? Well, how about a multiplayer expansion with name Dying Light: Bad Blood. Techland has taken the systems and features that Dying Light does well and created a new experience within that universe. During GDC 2018, DualShockers was able to go hands-on with the game for a couple of multiplayer matches. What we found was a good blend of strategic planning blended with one hell of a solid multiplayer experience.


Jumping into Dying Light: Bad Blood is a pretty easy transition if you’re well acquainted with the controls. If not, there’s just one thing you really need get the hang of, parkour. During gameplay, players are able to just about grab onto any ledge, widow, or car in order to get to where they want to go. Even though this helps tremendously with getting away from zombies, Dying Light: Bad Blood hosts other players with the same goals and skills, which makes escaping a tough encounter all the more hectic.

Once I was dropped into the match, I quickly took a look at my map to find my bearings. In this mode, players are tasked with finding a certain number of blood samples in order to level up their character and then get to a helicopter. However, blood samples aren’t the easiest to get. Sadly, my luck landed me in the middle of some pretty tough enemies that I couldn’t beat with just my bat.

Instead, I hung around a big group of zombies and decided to wait for another player to lend me a hand, without them knowing of course. While hiding in a small room, I watched an unsuspected enemy player take out the zombie horde, but before they were able to heal themselves after their victory, I snuck up behind them and took them out. Taking out enemy players is another option to acquire blood samples and all of their weapons.


With my heart racing, I ran to the nearest shelter to heal up when I received an alert that a cargo drop point was near me. During a match, this is where a lot of characters could lose their lives. Thankfully for me, we were all pretty new at this game so I was able to get all the weapons and items in the cargo drop without too much trouble.

Guns in Dying Light: Bad Blood are strong, but the ammo in the game is very limited. This means that even players without the benefit of finding a gun will still have a chance to take out gun-wielding enemies out. This enabled me to take out enemy players who were alerted to my location as we all rushed to meet the helicopter. However, only one can survive and I successfully was the last one standing.

Balance is going to be the key component to gameplay in Dying Light: Bad Blood. The developers need to make sure that players are constantly on the move and using various strategies to overcome zombies and enemy players. I would also like to see other maps and the variation between locations that players will be dropped in. Additionally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the developers get creative with additional multiplayer modes.


Dying Light: Bad Blood was an exciting experience from the moment I dropped into my first match. I was able to use core features of gameplay that Dying Light has been perfecting over the years to travel throughout the map and acquire the tools necessary to achieve victory. This means that the use of parkour and stealth systems make this a unique multiplayer experience that I can’t wait to see more of. Also, I’d like to see what the developer intends to do to further distinguish themselves from other battle royal style titles.

Dying Light: Bad Blood will be available as a standalone package for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018. Those looking to dip their feet into the franchise can’t go wrong with trying out Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition, available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One via Amazon.

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