Dying Light Developer Techland Working on Two New Games; Includes an Original, Open-World Fantasy Game

Polish developer Techland has seen great success in the last year with its acclaimed open-world action title Dying Light, and since then new reports have confirmed that the developer is currently working on two new games that it aims to release within the next few years.

During this week’s Digital Dragon 2016 conference, Techland revealed that the studio is currently in development on two new projects following the release of last year’s Dying Light. Techland CEO Paweł Marchewka confirmed with Game Pressure that the studio is working on the new projects with “their total budget to be around USD 77 million,” indicating them as “so-called AAA games.”

Development of the projects will be split between Techland’s studios in Wroclaw and Warsaw, while the company’s Vancouver-based studio will be providing technical support for both teams. Marchewka added that “our main target is to give the gamers two huge titles within the next two years that will be even more successful than Dying Light,” emphasizing that “I assure you they they are worth the wait!”

A subsequent report from Eurogamer gave more information that one of the titles in development at Techland’s Warsaw studio is to be a new, original IP, which will take form as “an open-world fantasy game with RPG elements.” Marchewka explained that the title will feature RPG influences “maybe in a slightly bigger sense than Dying Light,” but added that “it’s RPG elements rather than an RPG game.” The title will also feature both single-player and co-op multiplayer.

Techland previously had been working on a dark fantasy action game called Hellraid that was put on hold last year, though in the interview Marchewka explained that the “open world fantasy” game will be a completely new IP  that, aside from “some technical elements” that may carry over, will be unrelated to the development of Hellraid. Marchewka did add though that “Hellraid is still there…it is sitting on the shelf,” and though development is still on hold the company is still thinking about “how to continue with that game,” whether Techland will continue its development or another studio can take the project and complete it with Techland as publisher.

The other title that will be in development at Wroclaw hasn’t been detailed or announced at this time, though there is speculation that the studio, which was responsible for the original Dying Light, may be working on a sequel. Marchewka himself mentioned the possibility of a Dying Light 2 in an interview with Eurogamer, as he replied in a question about the studio picking up on a sequel to Dead Island, “No. We had a talk about [a new Dead Island], but I think Dying Light and Dying Light 2 would be games which are…”, with Techland PR Manager Anna Laga-Grodzicka continuing that “the Dying Light brand is more important for us.”

However, firm confirmation on a sequel to Dying Light is still up in the air, as when Eurogamer asked Marchewka more explicitly if Dying Light 2 would be in development at the Wroclaw studio, he smile and stated “Can’t say that.”

In terms of the studio’s new projects, Marchewka explained that both projects have been in development “for about a year” and that they are “equally big projects,” estimating that both projects should be released “within three years.”

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