Dying Light Docket Codes 2021 - Here's Valentine's Day Code

Dying Light celebrates Valentine's Day with a new free docket code.

Although Valentine’s Day is now over, some titles still host Valentine-themed cosmetics and modes. For Dying Light players, yesterday was only a beginning with the arrival of a new docket code to get an in-game pick. “TRUELOVE” is the latest drop from Dying Light Docket Codes 2021.

If you haven’t redeemed a docket code so far, don’t worry as it has a completely straight-forward instruction. All you need to do is to create an account on Dying Light‘s Dockets page and then link your Steam/PSN/Xbox account to it, and finally, redeem the code above. It will grant you a new Valentine-themed cross-bow and some other unique stuff in the game.

Despite working on Dying Light 2, Techland still keeps supporting the original game with new content every now and then. Although the game had a rough launch back in 2015, the developers managed to improve the overall experience by rolling out multiple updates and adding more new features to the game. Now, over five years after its launch, Dying Light is the ultimate first-person zombie-killing experience that every fan of the genre must play.

Speaking of Dying Light 2, the game had some promising premieres in the previous years, but the development process doesn’t seem so good after the departure of Chris Avellone and two other key members of the team from the project. Currently, Dying Light 2 has no official release window, but Techland has promised to share more about the game in the near future. Also, there were some Techland acquisition rumors recently, but they all shut down by a recent tweet from the studio’s community manager, revealing that the team will remain independent.

The sequel news aside, keep an eye out for the next entries of Dying Light docket codes 2021 as more will appear in the future. Dying Light is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Mehrdad Khayyat

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