Dying Light Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary With a Month Full of Content

Dying Light is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a month full of returns of some of the game's most well-received global events and some fun, new content.

Five years ago, Techland released Dying Light. Initially, the game received mostly positive reviews, but certainly couldn’t be classified as a “certified banger”. However, over time, Techland has continued to support the game, adding copious amounts of new content and fixes. This has resulted in one of the most jam-packed games on the market and a developer that continues to give back to their community. And now, with the game celebrating its fifth anniversary, Techland is bringing back fan-favorite modes and adding a host of new stuff to the game. Check out the celebratory video below.

For the next month, Techland will be bringing back different global events from Dying Light‘s past. You’ll have the opportunity to relive some of your favorite experiences or play them through for the first time if you were late to the game. While playing, you’ll also unlock new content. For example, in this first event, you’ll gain access to a new C4 explosive blueprint and an enhanced grappling hook. Not only that, but the devs are teasing a new outfit that they “can’t wait for you to see”.

Alongside the returning modes is a brand new mode for players who just want to explore the world Techland built. Story mode drops the difficulty down a few levels, letting everyone experience the excellent universe the developers put together. Of course, this is just the first week of the event, so make sure to keep checking back as they add more. Plus, with Dying Light 2 somewhere on the horizon, it wouldn’t be unexpected for them to do something big around that.

Dying Light is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It’s well worth a playthrough and now seems like the perfect time to jump in.

Ricky Frech

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