Dying Light Hellraid DLC Set to Release This Summer

Hellraid, the newest expansion for Dying Light, doesn't have a set release date or price tag just yet but looks to feautre some devilish new content.

Dying Light 2 may not be coming any time soon, but it looks like developer Techland still has some zombie smashing content for fans. And though it’s not a sequel to the critically acclaimed Dying Light, this latest DLC, titled Hellraid, is a boon for fans wanting more from the now five-year-old title.

If you can’t tell by its title, the expansion is decidedly devilish, sporting a demonic theme. The trailer takes you down the hallway of a seemingly abandoned apartment building. Quickly, a red tint fills the room, and glowing red runes appear on the walls. From a cloud of smoke, sparking with red energy, an arcade cabinet appears. On its screen reads “INSERT SOUL.” It seems like Doomguy may have some more work to do.

In all seriousness, this DLC seems unlike the additional content for Dying Light that’s been released in the past. That may have to do with the history surrounding it. Hellraid was originally a full title being worked on by Techland back in 2013. However, after the launch of Dying Light and its subsequent success and support, Hellraid was put on the back burner. It seems the title has now made a return, resurrected as extra content for the zombie-parkour mashup.

There is still a lot up in the air surrounding this DLC. Besides the vague release date of “this summer,” there’s no information yet on what pricing will be like. The game’s other major content packs, The Bozak Horde and The Following, currently cost $10 and $20 respectively. But it’s hard to judge how much Hellraid may cost when we don’t know much about what will actually be included in it. It’s fair to assume it will have something to do with fighting demons, although how that ties in with Dying Light‘s combat systems is a mystery so far.

Still, it seems like Hellraid will be the perfect thing to hold off Dying Light fans until the game’s sequel comes out. Or, at the very least, until we get some more news of its release. Dying Light is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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