Dying Light PC Version Discounted by 20%

Dying Light PC Version Discounted by 20%

Dying Light hasn’t been out very long but it’s already on the receiving end of some cracking deals for frugal gamers, something we can all appreciate.

The open-world horror game from the creators of Dead Island is now being discounted by 20% on popular deals site IndieGala. So instead of dropping $59.99 on your new purchase, you’ll only pay the more than tempting price of $47.99, a total saving of around $12 which is nothing to sniff at either. For reference, Dying Light is still being sold full price over on the official Steam store.

Dying Light has had a bit of trouble recently with a somewhat wonky release leaving those outside the US who wanted to buy the physical copy in the dark for a while, though the digital download edition is still available in most territories.

So if you’re in the market for a new zombies game and don’t mind changing your underwear every half an hour, why not take a punt on Dying Light?

If you’re not a resident within the US and you’re waiting on the physical edition to become available then you won’t have to wait too long as the Xbox One, PS4 and PC retail editions are due to shuffle onto store shelves from February 27th.