Dying Light Receives Prison Heist Mode in Today’s Content Drop

Dying Light Receives Prison Heist Mode in Today’s Content Drop

Techland adds some new content to Dying Light on PC, PS4, and Xbox One today, including a brand new Prison Heist mode.

Even though the game is over three years old, Techland is continuing to actively support their highly successful zombie game Dying Light with various content drops, and in today’s case new mode. Both Content Drop #4 and #5 for this year dropped today, bringing a variety of new content, including a new location and Prison Heist mode.

The Prison Heist mode comes as part of Content Drop #4, and takes place at a newly added isolated fortress. Players, either alone or with friends, must try to break into an armory in the zombie infested prison; strategizing is required, as players can’t set off the alarm. It’s certainly much different than the base game, but shows just want Techland can do with what they’ve created over three years of Dying Light.

Meanwhile, Content Drop #5 adds a brand new enemy who is a larger and stronger mutation of the already existing Demolisher in order to give the players a hard time. Techland expects Content Drop #6 to arrive sometime in April.

You can check out a new trailer promoting the Prison Heist mode below. Dying Light is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.