Dying Light: The Following Trophies Revealed by Exophase

Dying Light: The Following Trophies Revealed by Exophase

The next big expansion for Dying Light, The Following, will be adding ten trophies to the main game. There are two silvers and eight bronze trophies to be earned.

This brings the total trophy count up to 69 trophies total and most of the new ones center on the new vehicle combat The Following introduces. The full trophy list is as follows,


  • I was waiting for you for so long: Reach the inner circle
  • What If You Picked The Other One?: Make the call


  • Afraid to get wet?: Reach the end of the cliff
  • And you liked him, didn’t you?: Meet your old friend again
  • Sweaty palms?: Kill a Demolisher with a vehicle
  • It wasn’t that hard, was it?: Win Bilal’s race
  • I Felt Your Presence: Witness the cult’s meeting
  • You realize it’s only points, do you?: Reach Driver Rank 12
  • Formidophobic? Interesting…: Destroy 50 scarecrows
  • I don’t approve of mindless fun: Kill 500 zombies with your vehicle