Dying Light’s “The Following” Expansion Gets Awesome 4K Screenshots and Official FAQ

Dying Light’s “The Following” Expansion Gets Awesome 4K Screenshots and Official FAQ

Today Techland opened the floodgates on Dying Light‘s upcoming expansion “The Following,” and we get a nice batch of 4K screenshots and an official FAQ explaining what it’s all about.

Dying Light: The Following is a massive expansion to Dying Light and the untold chapter of Kyle Crane’s story. Take to a vast new area that will transform your Dying Light experience through new game mechanics, environments and challenges on top of the established core of what made Dying Light a break away success for millions of players around the globe.

Key Features:

New Map | As Big as Dying Light

For the first time, you’ll go outside the quarantine zone to get a glimpse at how the outbreak has ravaged those beyond the walls of Harran. You’ll get thrust into a hazardous outback overrun by the infected and populated by pockets of survivors who consider outsiders just as threating. With a map the size of Old Town and The Slums combined, Dying Light: The Following is choke full of new environments, characters, quests, and secrets to discover. You’ll need to adapt in order to survive while also use entirely new gameplay mechanics and tactics not previously possible in Dying Light to gain the upper hand.

Drivable Vehicles | Your Deadliest Weapon Yet

Break pursuits and travel through the quarantine like never before. All-terrain dirt buggies are going to be your key tool to survival and getting around this hazardous countryside. Level up your new Driver Rank skill tree and upgrade your ride to create your most deadly and effective weapon yet. Fully customizable with specialized weapons, attachments, decals and paint jobs, your buggy is going to be your one-way ticket to zombie smashing mayhem.

New Story | Where Will the Outbreak Go?

The survivors of Harran are reeling from the events that took place in Dying Light. With the city still under quarantine, there is little hope left and tension is running high. Players will again take the role of Kyle Crane, and will be thrown into Harran’s outback region, rife with the infected, where they’ll encounter a mysterious, and seemingly all-powerful cult, capable of changing the face of Dying Light’s world. To infiltrate and unravel dark secrets of The Following, Kyle Crane will need to face all-new challenges and use his abilities to the limit.

Non-Linear Progression | Trust is Something You Earn

Take control of your fate and tackle the missions laid before you as you choose. The newly introduced Trust System will have you earning the respect and confidence of The Following’s cult leaders by completing tasks and missions they see as worthy of the cause. When and which tasks you take on is entirely up to you. But as you earn more trust, you’ll be granted more imperative tasks along with access to dark cult secrets which will help unravel the mystery that has taken hold of this once serene land.

1. What is The Following?

The Following is a story driven expansion pack and the untold chapter of Kyle Crane’s involvement in the Harran zombie outbreak. Players will leave the city walls and travel to a new, vast region. A land that is much more open and that transforms the well-known gameplay pillars of Dying Light into a brand-new experience. An important part of this experience is commandeering all-terrain buggies and enjoying the game’s creative brutality and freedom of movement in high gear.
But drivable vehicles are only one of many new features we’re preparing for The Following. We’re calling it an expansion pack and we take it seriously, so you can expect it to be jam-packed with new quests, mechanics, abilities, weapons, and challenges. The story also unfolds in a way that really helps connect what was happening in Harran to the outside world and will show Kyle Crane in a totally new light to players.

2. What else can we expect from the Expansion Pack?

First of all, it offers you a brand-new map and everything that comes with it: new environments, characters, quests, and secrets to discover. The very nature of the region also ensures a change in how you play. There are vast open areas where parkour can’t save you, so you need to come up with new ways to survive.
We’re also designing new types of weapons to make the combat fresh even for players who spent tens of hours with Dying Light. We hear our fans asking for more ranged weapons and we won’t disappoint them. At Gamescom, you could already see the new crossbow and submachine gun in action.

3. What’s your objective in The Following?

Kyle Crane finds himself in Harran’s outback where a mysterious cult has used the outbreak to rise to power. Your main objective is to infiltrate this mysterious group by completing tasks and missions they see as worthy of their cause. To do so though, you’ll first have to gain the trust of the locals, which will be no small feat in itself. This is a very closed society that needs to keep its secrets. The non-liner progression system means players will pick and choose what quests they
will take on to buy their way up into the cult’s ranks, where both cunning and brute force will be needed to succeed.

4. What’s the pricing and the release date? Is it a part of the Season Pass?

Dying Light: The Following will be a digital download priced 14.99 euro when bought separately. However, for all our fans who bought the Season Pass, we’re giving them the expansion pack for free. Just for clarification, the expansion pack needs the base game to run.

5. Is it playable in 4 player co-op?

Yes, of course. Like any other part of Dying Light, The Following is fully playable in 4-player co-op. At Gamescom we presented it for two people at a time, but the Expansion Pack supports the same co-op features as the main game.

6. Can you transfer your DL progress to The Following?

Since Kyle Crane is still the protagonist of The Following, it’s only logical you keep your experience and skills from the main game. So we made sure it’s supported. You can also bring loot from the expansion pack back to the main game, but we will talk about it some more at a later date.

7. What else can you tell us about the buggies? How many types are there? Can you customize them?

There’s one basic type of buggy, but you can upgrade it as you level up your Driver Rank. You’ve got plenty of upgrades to choose from, including bigger fuel tanks, better handling and such neat add-ons as UV headlights. There will also be more destructive upgrades – mines, spikes and bull bars. On top of that, you can customize your buggy with unlockable paintjobs and decals.

8. How does Driver Rank work?

It’s a separate tree that lets you unlock buggy upgrades as you gain your driver experience. You level up your Driver Rank by hitting zombies, taking part in buggy challenges, and more. And once unlocked, these upgrades can be installed on your buggy.

9. What other new weapon types are you bringing?

At gamescom we showed the crossbow and the submachine gun, but there’ll be many more in the final package. We want to satisfy players who felt the main game didn’t have enough ranged weapons, but we’re designing also new melee weapons that better suit the rural setting.

10. How long will it be?

With our Expansion Pack we’re aiming for at least 10 hours of gameplay, but you can very well end up playing much longer. We’re not only creating new content for the expansion pack, we’re also opening up story progression to make it less linear, so the total playtime will vary between players.

11. Is the new map available for Be the Zombie/Invasions?

We want it, but it’s still not guaranteed. We’re working on it, tweaking the Be the Zombie mode to see how it works. The map is really big, there’s a lot of open space, and you can drive buggies, so the Night Hunter needs to evolve and adapt to the new environment. But we won’t go into more details now, let’s leave that for another time.

12. How does the new map compare with the Old Town or Slums size-wise?

The map for Dying Light: The Following is really expansive and covers a wide range of terrains. Size wise, it’s as big as all the maps of the main game combined!

13. How important is parkour in Dying Light: The Following?

There are areas of the map where parkour is still essential and a key to your survival. We know fans loved the parkour so were making sure it’s still a crucial element. The dirt buggy is something new when it comes to getting around, while parkour will be the familiar favorite which equally has a place in Dying Light: The Following.

You can check out the screenshots below (the last one is actually artwork, while the first five are screenshots). A trailer was also released, and you can check it out at the bottom of the post.