Dying: Reborn Heading to Switch This Month, Introduces a Brand New Story

Dying: Reborn Heading to Switch This Month, Introduces a Brand New Story

When a man in a fish-head mask traps you in a room, what do you do? Dying: Reborn's Nintendo Switch Edition will let you know.

Dying: Reborn has been around since 2017 and is developed by Nekcom Entertainment who teamed up with publisher Coconut Island Studio. The game is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, but a new Switch Edition is arriving later this month and is available to pre-order now.

The original release of Dying: Reborn brought six chapters where the protagonist has to overcome a series of trials which have been created by a mysterious character as a punishment for a mistake made a long time ago. In Dying: Reborn Nintendo Switch Edition, players are introduced to a brand new story with fragments from the players past being scattered throughout these trials.

The new story finds Mathew, the protagonist in the 2017 release returning to Harbor Town to find his sister who has gone missing. He ends up getting knocked out and wakes up in a prison cell like room. The strange character running these puzzles wears a fish-head mask and has a voice that Mathew recognizes, but can’t recall.

A trailer found below shows off the first-person puzzler that has you trying to escape from a room. We see children’s drawings, searchable drawers, blood-stained laboratory tables, and more. It seems to have a similar feel to The Town of Light Deluxe Edition but with more focus on horror, perhaps even being similar to Layers of Fear: Legacy.

Dying: Reborn is available for pre-order on the Switch starting from today and will launch later this month on January 17.