“Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires” Releases New Screenshots, UK Pre-Order Bonus, and Customization Details

“Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires” Releases New Screenshots, UK Pre-Order Bonus, and Customization Details

Thanks to details released today by Tecmo Koei Europe’s Twitter and Facebook pages, we’ve now uncovered a ton of new screenshots and details (which you can see below) on the game’s customization options, and more.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires will undoubtedly offer more of the standard “one man versus the world” hack ‘n’ slash gameplay that the series has made its own, but offers a little more in the way of its various playstyles.

As a “Ruler,” players can gain game through battle and rule their own nations; as a “Strategist,” players can use strategy “to seize power and invade neighboring territories, and as a “Free Officer,” players can become a mercenary and sell their skills as a soldier, a bodyguard, and more.

The “Edit Mode” has also been tweaked, and will include customizable weapon animation, personality, facial features, and more. Similar to Dragon’s Dogma and its Pawn system, players can upload their warriors, who retain their creator’s play history and skills, making for a more dynamic simulated multiplaer experience.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires will also include yet another new character, Xu Shu, an advisor of the warlord Liu Bei, bringing the total amount of playable characters to 66.

There is also the “Strategems” tactics mechanic, which offers aggressive moves like Flood Attacks and Rockslides that affect the terrain, and Volleys that can rain down arrows on enemies.

Also revealed is the pre-order bonus for those who purchase their order through the UK’s Game retailers: a UK-exclusive in-game costume pack, featuring Zhao Yun, Diao Chan, and Nobunyaga costumes (the latter of which looks like the brother of Saints Row The Third‘s Professor Genki).

You’ll also find in the pictures below a look at the two newest weapon types: the Sword and Hook, and Siege Spear, which looks like the mad scientist marriage between a gatling gun, a rocket launcher, and a harpoon.

Last but not least, there are new details on the weapons that certain players carry, regarding changes to Musou and EX Attacks.

All this and more, you’ll find below; as previously reported, Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires will be preleased in North America on February 19, 2013, while Europe will get it three days later on the 22nd. You can find out more about the game on the Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires website; for more news, stay tuned to DualShockers.com.