Watch Dynasty Warriors 9’s New Character Zhou Cang in Action in Musou Stars

Watch Dynasty Warriors 9’s New Character Zhou Cang in Action in Musou Stars

Following the announcement of Dynasty Warriors 9 during a livestream hosted by Koei Tecmo, another surprise reveal was made.

Dynasty Warriors Producer Akihiro Suzuki unveiled the first new character that will appear in the game. His name is Zhou Cang, and you can see him in the picture above.

The announcements didn’t end there, though, as before the release of Dynasty Warriors 9, he will actually appear in Koei Tecmo’s upcoming all-stars title Musou Stars, as announced by Producer Masaki Furusawa.

Zhou Cang was actually showcased in action in Musou Stars (presumably on PS4) during a brief teaser, and you can check him out at the bottom of the post.

If you’re wondering, that’s not Robin Hood, but he isn’t too far from that concept. He is a fictional character in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, upon which the Dynasty Warriors series is based. He’s described as a strong warrior with a dark face and a beard (check), who joins the rebels in the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

After the failure of the rebellion, he became a bandit, until he swore loyalty to Guan Yu. Known as a skilled boatman, his help was crucial in the success of Guan Yu’s amphibious attack during the Battle of Fancheng.

He appeared in previous Dynasty Warriors games, but never as a playable character.

Musou Stars will release in Japan for PS4 and PS Vita on March 2nd, with no western release date announced for the moment. You can also enjoy the latest gameplay and the announcement trailer of another new character who joined the roster today (Opoona from the Wii game with the same name).