Dynasty Warriors 9 for PS4 Gets First 1080p Screenshots and First Info in English; Looks Awesome

Koei Tecmo releases a large batch of screenshots and the first information in English for Dynasty Warriors 9.

Today Koei Tecmo opened the official website of the recently revealed Dynasty Warrios 9. It actually includes an English version, coming with the confirmation that the game is going to be localized

We get the first direct feed screenshots showing the beautiful open world that will come with the game (including four shots showing the dynamic day/night cycle), and the first information in English:

“For the first time in the series, the expansive land of China is shown on a single map with the introduction of an open world format for diverse progression through the game. The ‘one vs. thousands’ exhilarating action of the Warriors series and the beloved characters from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms tale are carried over, but the freedom through an open world stage provides a brand new Warriors experience.

Critical Missions unfold and progress the story of the player character, and are supplemented by numerous missions from various regions such as Regular Missions that affect the Critical Missions and requests from other characters. The situation will be ever changing depending on what missions are selected. In the many battles that occur on the map, players will find a variety of strategies and tactics open to them such as “attacking head on,” “launching a surprise attack from an elevated position” or “infiltrating at night”, for numerous ways to enjoy the expansive world of the Three Kingdoms.

The map is displayed with beautiful graphics and features many different regions of China such as snow plains, jungles and deserts which reflect the passage of time and changing climate. Key cities and checkpoints, such as Luoyang and Hulao Gate, and landmarks such as the Yellow River and Mt. Song, are replicated, allowing for deeper immersion into the game world.”

We also get the official introduction of four characters:

Cheng Pu

“A long term retainer and skilled General who supported 3 generations of the Sun Family and furthered the expansion of Wu territory. A brave general who fought often on the front lines but was also a trusted advisor and tactician.”

Xiahou Dun

“The cousin of Cao Cao, he was a courageous warrior and a superb fighter despite losing an eye in battle. A calm and level-headed leader, he was dependable to a fault and was one of Cao Cao’s greatest assets in his bid for supremacy.”

Guan Yu

“Honoring an oath of brotherhood with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, he was an essential figure in the establishment of the Kingdom of Shu as the leader of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu. A heroic and skilled warrior with a strong dedication to what is right, he earned the respect of both friend and foe alike while at the same time, acquring the nickname “Lord of the Magnficent Beard” from the Emperor.”

Zhao Yun

“As a young warrior, he traveled the land in search for someone worthy of loyalty. Finding such qualities in Liu Bei, he ended his journey and entered Liu Bei’s service wherein he becomes one of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu. Normally a calm person, he displayed ferocity in battle that shook entire armies.”

Interestingly, while the Japanese version of the site mentions only PS4 as a platform, the English version includes no indication of platforms at all. This is also confirmed in Koei Tecmo Europe’s press release, which specifies that platforms and release timing will be confirmed in the coming months.

This is a signal that Koei Tecmo isn’t ready to announce the platforms for the western localization, or that they have not been finalized yet, giving hope to those who would like to play the game, but don’t own a PS4.

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