Dys4ia Will Make You Feel Feelings

on March 18, 2012 4:00 PM

Anna Anthropy, most famously known for her game The Mighty Jill Off, has a new piece of Flash gold out in the form of Dys4ia. On the surface, it’s just a collection of rudimentary minigames, but the underlying message provides anything but a rudimentary experience.

See, the minigames are used to document Anthropy’s life, most notably her transition from male to female via hormone therapy. It’s not exactly a common topic of discussion in games, or even in real life for that matter, but it’s effectively discussed with the poignant Dys4ia. It’s a bit awe-inspiring to see just how much of Anthropy’s toils and personal struggles of ostracism (and eventual acceptance) are emotionally portrayed by some extremely simple minigames; I’d be lying if I said this didn’t give me the fuzzies inside.

An artgame done right, you can experience Dys4ia for yourself right here.

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