Dystopian Puzzle Platformer Monochroma Due Out This April Via Steam

Dystopian Puzzle Platformer Monochroma Due Out This April Via Steam

Nearly a year ago we reported on Monochroma, Nowhere Studios’ cinematic puzzle platformer that seeks to mix the paranoia and foreboding dread of the 1950’s along with the rather recent protests and revolutions of the 21st century. Now a release date has been announced, set for April of this year.

Monochroma stars a boy and his brother, who have witnessed a horrific crime committed by an evil corporation. Over four chapters, the boys will discover vast ghettos with thousands of sheds reaching high into the sky, a labyrinth of sewer tunnels, factories with bellowing industrial smoke and a city-sized zeppelin hovering in the sky. The boys will encounter puzzles that are realistic and physics-based, with gameplay that Nowhere describes as deeply “visual, intellectual and emotional” as players try to prevent the world of Monochroma from falling to tyranny and further oppression. With one of the brothers injured early in the game, players also will have to support the other sibling while solving puzzles, with the game trying to provide a cerebral, methodical experience.

Since Monochroma seeks to tell a narrative completely without cutscenes, text or spoken words (much like the puzzle platformer Teslagrad recently did), they believe that the game’s themes will appeal to gamers from all over the world regardless of nationality. Much of the experience has been inspired by the developers’ — natives of Turkey — childhood memories of urban Istanbul and the recent violently oppressed Gezi Protests of 2013.

Monochroma is set to launch on PC, Mac and Linux platforms via Steam this April. For more on the game, check out the previously released trailers and screenshots, and check out the Monochroma blog website.

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