e: Click, Click, BOOM! Will Question “Why is the Internet Being Weird??” on October 30th, Cinematic Trailer and Screenshots Released

on October 18, 2014 6:28 PM

Have you ever sat at your computer and just wondered to yourself, “Why is the internet being so weird?” You’re not the first person to wonder this and you definitely won’t be the last. This ago old question is what e: Click, Click, BOOM! sets out to answer.

In Chroma Studios upcoming game, players will play as E, a Neitizen who is tasked with the important job of protecting the internet from the evil Virus and his minions: bugs, viruses, worms and trolls.

Featuring over 100 puzzles, players will solve “match-3 in 3D” to defeat Virus, unlock characters and travel through the world wide web, stopping at such places like Router 66, Silicon Valley and The Information of Superhighway.

e: Click, Click, BOOM! will release for iOS and Android on October 30th.

For a closer look at the game can a gander at the cinematic intro and screenshots below.

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