E3 2010: 3DS Specifications Is Here!

Gamers around the globe have been made aware that Nintendo has announced, and shown, their new handheld system which promises to change the way we visualize games. The 3DS is an amazing piece of hardware, and we can all agree that it drops, it will sell very well. Most of us might continuously ponder what we are to expect, exactly, once the system drops on retail shelves. Lucky for us, Nintendo has released some specifications which will enlighten us a bit more on their  forthcoming portable sweetness.

The 3.02-inch bottom screen has a 320×240 pixel resolution, a tad bigger than the DS’s current 256×192 resolution. The top screen, which is obviously larger, comes in flexing it’s resolution at 800×240 (3.53-inch in dimension). Ideally, however, the top screen is really two 400×240 images superimposed over the other which creates the 3D effect that makes this plastic-covered majestic piece of technology so unique.

The 3DS supports WPA and WPA2 ecryption for its wireless connection. However, like the DSi, the 3DS might only support these encryption protocols by new games designed to do so. With regards to the physical aspects of the thing, Nintendo has noted that the design isn’t final yet, so things concerning battery life and its final look and feel haven’t been determined. We can surely expect – with any future changes made to the 3DS – that it will undoubtedly sell well amongst gamers from every single plateau, including the hardcore.

As news drops regarding the 3DS, we will make sure to keep you all up-to-date. Check us out for more info in the future.

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Yaris Gutierrez

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