E3 2010: $49.99 is Indeed Under $100

Sony, you big teasers. When you made mention a couple months back that the PlayStation Move was going to be “under $100”, everyone in the industry thought that meant $99.99.

To be fair, more times than not when a company mentions a price “under” a certain point, it is very close to that particular point. However, at the Sony press event yesterday out in Los Angeles, it was officially announced that the Move was going to retail for a surprisingly affordable $49.99.

While that is half of what everyone thought it would cost, let’s keep in mind the context, if you will. One PlayStation Move wand will cost $49.99. The Navigator (read: nunchuck) that will attach to it and be required for certain titles will put you back another $30. This is for one person, mind you. If you want to play any party games or other multiplayer titles, you’ll need to drop another $50, at least, for another Move.

Hey, this is starting to look closer to the rumored Kinect price of $150, right? You would be correct. Plus, Kinect can recognize multiple players with the same device, no need to purchase one per person. It looks like Sony is pulling a Microsoft (or Nintendo?) on us. Wait, what? Yes, I just said it. They’re going to nickel-and-dime us to death. How do you feel about that? Does that $50 price tag still look so sweet?

You have to answer those questions for yourself. The point of writing this isn’t to complain about the total cost of PlayStation Move, although I do think it pertinent to state the facts, as I did above. No, the point of this article is to talk about a couple things.

  1. Sony stuck to their word and even surprised us a little with the price of the Move wand.
  2. To remind you that it is the supposed demographic you should look at when deciding on your purchasing decision.

Granted, some people are going to buy both Move and Kinect. These are the people who have both consoles and feel that both of the extra hardware purchases are worth it to them. But, if you can only buy one, decide which camp you are in – it isn’t Sony vs. Microsoft anymore, it’s is “hardcore” vs. “casual”. As much as I dislike the typical connotation of those terms as applied to gamers, it is the wording used by both Sony and Microsoft to describe the general demographic they’re aiming at with their new motion devices.

As I mentioned in my previous Kinect article, that device does, indeed, hold a certain “cool factor”. However, for myself personally, the PlayStation Move is a better and more justifiable purchase, because it is geared more toward the hardcore market. Heavy Rain and Gran Turismo 5 using the Move + Navigator? Those are “hardcore” games. This isn’t to mention sweet action/RPG fun with the newly announced Sorcery, or all the other gaming-specific applications Sony has in mind for their rave stick.

Overall, both Kinect and Move hold a similar price point to be able to have the full experience, so which one will you lean toward? In our last ShockCast, I predicted that Sony would “win” E3 2010. While I admit defeat in that line of thought, I do think they succeeded in certain ways by surprising everyone with their affordable Move pricing and the focus of the announced titles that will support it. So, my hat’s off to them. My pre-order is already down.

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