E3 2010 Best of Show Preview: DC Universe Online

E3 2010 Best of Show Preview: DC Universe Online


At E3, we literally saw tons of titles. However, many of our favorites wouldn’t be seeing the light of day until sometime in 2011. One title that WILL be releasing this fall is DC Universe Online from Sony Online Entertainment, and it just happens to be one of our picks for “E3 Best of Show.” Although DCUO is an MMORPG, it has the roots of an action-beat-em-up hybrid. In other words, this title will get people who would normally stay clear of any MMO immediately interested as it plays nothing like a traditional one would. And for all you stubborn WoW players that can’t see themselves leaving for another MMO, you don’t have to. In fact, here’s a quote from one of the games creators (one of our favorite quotes from the show actually).


“If WoW is your wife, then we want [DCUO] to be your dirty slut whore on the side.”


So yeah, if that hasn’t piqued your interest yet,  do yourself the favor and watch the preview below!