E3 2010: Dead Space 2 Impressions (and Screenshots)

E3 2010: Dead Space 2 Impressions (and Screenshots)


Before Al and myself arrived at the EA booth, I already knew that the game I wanted to see the most was Dead Space 2. As soon as we handled all of our media check-in stuff, we were briskly thrown into a screening room. Every single seat was taken, however that didn’t bother me. I took a seat on the floor and just stared in awe at the 100+ inch plasma with a lifeless Isaac Clark on the screen. After that the lights dimmed, Isaac began to move, and the demo was started. Hit the jump to read all about it.

One thing you need to know right off the bat is that if during the week of E3 you watched the EA press conference as well as the Sony Conference the following day then you pretty much have seen what we were shown. The difference between those two clips and what was shown behind closed doors at the booth was probably 5-8 minutes of a basic walk-through.

Immediately I noticed just how much more gore is in this game. I know the first one was no picnic but in DS 2 we’re talking really over the top. Weapons are also receiving major upgrades as well, with my personal favorite being this new crossbow-esque weapon which shoots out harpoon-like projectiles that have the ability to pin the baddies to walls behind them, making engineer Isaac Clark seem even more bad ass than he already is. Isaac’s movement has also been tweaked as some complained about his “stiffness” in the original title.

Another detail to point out is that you are no longer on a ship. Instead, this time around the action is taking place on a monster and creature infested city-like space station known as “The Sprawl”. And instead of just trying to survive, this time Isaac is bringing the fight to the enemy. Throughout the demo we had a chance to see what appeared to be some quick time events (QTE), where the player had to press X in certain sequences during the in-game cutscenes. The transition from gameplay to QTE and back to gameplay is seamless and is sure to keep the player engaged throughout the experience.

The demo ended at the same exact spot where it ended at the Sony Conference which left me a little empty inside. Al and myself just looked at each other and nodded in agreement. We both realized that what we saw was awesome and that unfortunately we’ll just have to wait until 2011 to play it. It’s going to be a very long summer.

Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see some more of Dead Space 2 before launch, but in the mean time at least we have these nifty screens to stare at. Check out the gallery below.