E3 2010: EA Press Conference Impressions

By Joel Taveras

June 14, 2010

The Oprheum Theater was packed to the brim and EA’s press event opened up to a roaring applause from the crowd, following an intense trailer for EA’s upcoming reboot of the Need for Speed series with… you guessed it Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. What really set the crowd off was when the trailer showed who would be helming the series: Criterion Games.

We were then shown a short but very sweet multiplayer preview. It made me wonder why this wasn’t done with Criterion before. The game is set to launch on Novermber 16, 2010.

Next up was Dead Space 2. And according to the president of Visceral games it “will push the limits of horror an terror” DS 2 will take place in an entire city this time and Isaac will be taking the fight to the bad guys. From what we got a chance to see the game will be even more gruesome than the first. And of course, in true visceral games form there will be creepy monster-babies. The preview was ended with this quote “find out how it ends tomorrow at the Sony show.” Now I’ll just that with a grain of salt, however maybe they’re hinting at something bigger perhaps some kind of exclusivity? Either way we’ll find out tomorrow.

Medal of Honor took the spotlight next.  We’ve already seen some of the single player stuff but EA decided to show off it’s multiplayer guns today with a 24 player live demo (yes 24 people on stage at once). The Frostbite engine looks as slick as ever. They even showed a Call of Duty Esque killstreak reward system, where the player on screen called in a Predator missle, the difference though is that in this game (thanks too the engine) it actually levels a building.

EA Gun Club is introduced as a brand new rewards system/program. The more EA games you purchase the more perks you get. Such perks include demos, deals, and closed betas. You can enlist right now at gunclub.ea.com, and if you’re one of the lucky ones to have purchased BF:BC2 and register it, you can get early access to the Medal of Honor Beta on June 21st.

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Peter Moore, head of EA Sports took the stage to talk some MMA. He then shifted towards EA sports Live Broadcast. In Live Broadcast you create a fighter, make a hype video and “fight for real world prizes and online fame.” There will even be real life commentators talking about your fight and people from around the world tuning in to watch you duke it out.. EA Sports MMA will be on store shelves on October 19th of this year.

Next up was EA Sports Active 2. We were treated to an onscreen clip of all of the different exercises available. Not all we’re shown, as there are over 70 in the fitness title. The game is shown on all 3 consoles  (PS Eye and Micosoft Kinect). Quick side note, surprisingly the Kinect looked more accurate here than it did at Microsoft Conference.

Moore returns to show us this years upcoming Madden 11. The newest trailer is all about making Madden “Simpler, Quicker, Deeper.” Joe Montana comes on stage, and the crowd goes nuts. Montana starts  talking about coaching and strategizing and most importantly Gameflow, the latest feature that will make the game a more true to life experience where your job is to play and perform instead about worrying about planning and picking plays. And as usual Madden 11 is touted as the best one yet, moving on.

The creator of the Sims series hit the stage and with him brought a speech about life and the decisions you make. Long story short: humans don’t have free will but Sims do. The Sims 3 will land on consoles this fall.

Crytek founder and President, Cevat Yerli hits the stage to discuss the Sandbox FPS gameplay found in Crysis 2. The scene we’re shown takes place in New York City’s Grand Central Station and it includes a pretty bad ass boss fight. Yerli goes on to say that the enemy AI found in the game is the smartest ever created and follows it up by saying “these guys are real killers.” After seeing what we were shown, I’d say hes about right. After the real time demo, we were then told to slap on our 3D glasses and were treated to a ridiculous in-engine 3D cut scene. Crysis 2 will be available in 3D this holiday on PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC.

Torrence Davis (TheBitBag) and myself etting ready for Crysis in 3D

Bulletstorm takes the stage next and everyone’s favorite Cliff “Dude Huge” Blezinski is there to tell everyone about it. It’s an over the top first person shooter with incredibly clean visuals. Pretty impressive and definitely for adults, what did you expect with CliffyB involved?

Lucas arts and Bioware hit the stage next and with them bring out Star Wars: The Old Republic. Where “everyone get’s their own starship”. People applaud and I wasn’t sure why. Then we we’re shown a trailer, and now I know why everyone was clapping. I want this game right NOW.

That was the end of the show. We took plenty of cam footage of the games shown and that will be up as soon as we’re not running from one theater to another. All in all, I have to say that EA looks to be bringing the heat this year. They put together a solid conference and now I’m looking forward to check out you know who’s conferecne (Hint: it rhymes with Boobie Loft) and then Activation at the Staples Center.

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