E3 2010: Here's Some New FFXIV Info

One of Square-Enix’s biggest titles at this year’s E3 is their second MMO outing, Final Fantasy XIV. We saw a new (albeit all CG) trailer, now we have some new information to go with it. There may be more coming down the pipe, too, who knows? Let’s see, where to start…

  • We’re all well aware by now of Sony’s huge push for 3D. That translates into the PS3 version of FFXIV being in 3D. No surprise there, right?
  • As is true with most MMOs, there will be high-end armor for each class, and I pray to the Squeenix gods that obtaining it isn’t as traumatizing as it was for the special-super-awesome class armor in FFXI.
  • The classes (or roles or whatever you want to call them) that the game releases with will not be all there ever will be. Square-Enix promises to patch in new ones after the game is released. Whether this will be in free content updates or paid expansions, we have no idea at this point.
  • Once your linkshell (guild) grows to a certain point, it will be assigned a “company”. This is a linkshell web site that will keep track of your activities and various stats for all members.
  • There will be a mechanic that allows players to leave their character in the game world after they log off. This seems rather interesting. Perhaps you can leave your character online with a personal shop, or bazaar, active, so you can earn some gil while you sleep in the real world.
  • Finally, it was confirmed that the beta will be starting “very soon”. Let’s just hope Square-Enix’s definition of “soon” isn’t the same as Blizzard’s.

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Chad Awkerman

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