E3 2010: Kane and Lynch 2 Developer Video Interview

E3 2010: Kane and Lynch 2 Developer Video Interview


One of the game’s that seemed like it had a lot to prove at this years E3 was Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days. After all of the controversy that surrounded the first title, the team at IO Interactive and Square Enix decided taking their time before bringing these two homicidal maniacs back for another round. It seems like that wait was a great thing because at E3 we witnessed what appeared to be a very polished sequel, with much better visuals, game-play and more over the top action than the first. Our very own Al Zamora had the chance to chat with the games art director Rasmus Poulson about the various changes to the sequel and to fill you all in on what to expect this time around. Here’s a quick quote and probably our favorite from all of E3 2010:

“Kane and Lynch 2 will throw you around like a little girl, and you will like it.”

That quote was said in a bad ass european accent that unfortunately I can’t replicate. Check out the entire interview below.

No Jeff Gerstmans were harmed in the creation of this interview.