E3 2010: Kinect Is a Media Monster

E3 2010: Kinect Is a Media Monster


A demonstration was shown showing off the cool features that Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral is able to do on Xbox Live. For those of you who dreamed of having a Minority Report-like interaction, you’ll be spooging in your pants as just about everything displayed on their conference floor was just as close you’ll get to mimicking Tom Cruise this fall.

With Kinect, you’ll be able to voice-control your Xbox Live experience, with the addition of making hand gestures to move your menus and such. Want to flip through your Zune library? No problem. Announce “Zune” to your Kinetic device, and you’ll be immersed into your choice of high-definition videos and music. Using your hands, you’ll be able to fast-forward, or rewind, your videos. But what makes it more appealing is that if you want to pause the video, all you have to say is “Xbox pause” and your movie is frozen until you announce the words “Xbox play,” where you movie/music will continue from its frozen state.

“But what else can it do, Yaris?” From what was shown, Kinect will also allow perverts to make video calls and exchange views of private parts, which is what it will probably be used for, more than anything. One fancy thing that the Kinect does while you’re live chatting is that it follows the person as they move. I highly doubt it will be able to perform a full 360 degree turn, but I’m sure it will cover more of the basic side-to-side movements as displayed.

Kinect is proving to be a very intuitive and unique way of enhancing the Xbox Live experience for people. What about games? I have no clue. As of now, from what I’ve seen, the Kinect is far more of a social media toy than a next-generation gaming peripheral. But it’s still too early to make that call.