E3 2010: Method Man and Redman Pump Up Show Room Floor

June 21, 2010

Mister Meth and Funk Doc were on the show room floor, or rather a platform above it in the Def Jam Rapstar booth (which was gargantuan by the way) drawing the biggest crowds formed in the whole E3 event. They performed tracks from the Blackout! albums as well as taking us back through time with classics like How High and M.E.T.H.O.D. Man among others. They even got funkier reliving some Slick Rick joints in tribute to the game-play of upcoming video game Def Jam Rapstar.

The rap duo put forth a 45 minute set that had crowds jumping up and down, throwing middle fingers, reciting lyrics, and saying f*** rappers who only rap about jewelery and dance moves. Wu-Tang Clan got the classic shout-out over the M.E.T.H.O.D. Man track and the crowd showed a lot of love for deceased Ol’ Dirty Bastard (also known as O.D.B.).


In addition to performing with a non-stop energy that Redbull enthusiasts can only dream of, Meth and Red talked about Blackout 2! and let everyone at E3 know that a Blackout 3! may very likely be on the way and soon. They also got everyone shouting out “I want How High the Movie 2!” until their throats were bleeding. The pair of hip-hop legends was on fire, and if you are one of the lame folks that walked up to me and asked “Who is that performing?” shame on you, you should be deported to hip-hop school and forced to chew mirrors for your ignorance.

Jon Ireson

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