E3 2011: Details About Anarchy Reigns' Campaign Mode

For a relatively high-profile game coming from a games studio held in high regard, Anarchy Reigns is still a relative mystery, with not many details revealed beyond characters and vague gameplay details. Last week at E3 in a behind-closed-doors session with Platinum Games producer Atsushi Inaba, we were finally treated to some delicious nuggets of news specifically pertaining to the single player campaign mode of SEGA’s latest and greatest brawler.

First of all, if you were just as clueless as I was, yes, there’s indeed a single player mode to this game. As opposed to the inherently campy, stylized nature of the multiplayer, Inaba stated that the campaign mode would be relatively plot-driven with a serious tone. However, of the cutscenes and missions I saw, I have to wonder if by “serious” he meant “melodramatic”; much of the plot-heavy scenes seemed angsty and full of those signature Japanese dark, brooding angles.

The campaign will tell the story of the two main protagonists, Jack and Leo. You may know the former as the chainsaw wielding hardass in Platinum’s previous game, MadWorld, and as for the latter, he’s an entirely new character designed for the game, a suave, long-haired badass in a cyber-suit. Observant folks will be quick to note that there was also a Leo in MadWorld as well, and Inaba assured us that these are two very different characters. Why they would choose to do that is a a mystery, but that’s another question for later.

Not unlike the Autobot and Decepticon campaigns of Activision’s Transformers: War For Cybertron, Anarchy Reigns will be comprised of a “Black Side” (the Jack campaign) and a “White Side” (the Leo campaign). At about ten hours of total combined play, gamers will be able to fully understand the story and relationship between the two upon completing both campaigns.

Campaigns will be spread out between mission-based levels with varying objectives, be they “beat up this really scary ninja boss” or “beat up all these other dudes”. I certainly hope there’s a bit more variety to the missions; as hard as it is to believe, constantly beating up bad dudes can be tedious.

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The gameplay and controls are roughly based on those of God of War or any other recent brawler; you have light and heavy attacks, along with a grab and a jump. Additionally, with the hold of a trigger you’ll be able to draw a weapon unique to every character. Jack has his trusty chainsaw of course, and Leo brandishes some sick dagger blades that protrude from his armor. They’re fairly simple, but Inaba assures us that the controls will be deep enough to be satisfying and not monotonous.

I had a taste of the multiplayer on the show floor at the SEGA booth, but I don’t think it was enough to quite judge the game. It’s most definitely a Platinum Games game, as it has that signature style and twist on a classic genre that you don’t really find with most other game studios. Look for Anarchy Reigns to drop on the PS3 and 360 this coming January.

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