E3 2011: Dragon’s Crown is Looking Worthy of a King

E3 2011: Dragon’s Crown is Looking Worthy of a King

You know what’s awesome? Not only are Vanillaware working on a new RPG for the PSP called Grand Knights History, they surprised us all when they announced a new title coming out for the PlayStation Vita and PS3. That title is called Dragon’s Crown, and it is being shown off at E3 as we speak.

It first popped up in a quick promo video that Sony showed off at their presser about upcoming Vita titles and has piqued everyone’s curiosity ever since. Well, I’m here to quell that burning desire to find out more about this gorgeous title. Being that this is Vanillaware’s first game to feature HD visuals and no one was expecting it, I highly anticipate it’ll be a “sleeper hit” at E3.

Dragon’s Crown features the awesome 2D artwork and animation we’ve come to know and love from the developer. While other major companies focus on lighting and realism, Vanillaware puts the same amount of time, effort and love into really making their games stand out and ooze with pure style and awesomeness. The game will feature four-player co-op on a single screen. It won’t be split screen, but will act much like Little Big Planet or Super Smash Brothers co-op. There will be six classes, which showcase a huge variety of play styles.

The game is sort of an action RPG dungeon crawler with brawler elements that tasks you with exploring dungeons and vanquishing huge monsters by yourself or with your friends. While this seems like a pretty nonchalant title for the PS3, consider that this is also coming to the Vita at the same time, without scaling back any of the gameplay. While this hasn’t been announced, it’s likely we’ll see cloud saving being used here to transfer data back and forth between the two systems, as well as possibly other connectivity features between the two versions.

As a big fan of Vanillaware and their titles, I’m certainly looking forward to this one. You can check out the trailer and some screens and artwork for Dragon’s Crown below.