E3 2011: EA Shows Reaper Invasion, Mass Effect 3 Launching March 6th 2012

on June 6, 2011 3:44 PM

The EA conference has opened up strong with an absolutely jaw-dropping teaser showing some realistic footage of the war front in the Mass Effect universe, cutting to a reveal of how serious things have gotten; The Reapers are on Earth. The Geth were nothing, things are getting serious as they show us another level of Mass Effect 3.

Right away we see Shepard opening a geth blast shield and targeting something down inside, which the Normandy then flies past and blasts. This might not have been a good idea, as it turns out they weren’t blasting a base but a LIVE REAPER. Just as things start getting hairy, Legion and Liara show up to help Shepard take the giant behemoth down.

But of course, it’s not that easy. Shepard retreats shooting a mounted machine gun at the towering monster, and the demo fades out with only a glimpse of just how large scale these battles are going to be.

Consequences and Sacrifice are the core of Mass Effect 3, even more so than they were in the first two games. Mass Effect 3 is launching on March 16th 2012, and it looks even bigger and badder than ever before.

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