E3 2011: Fable: The Journey is On the Rails

on June 6, 2011 1:34 PM

Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux took to the stage to show off the next Fable title, Fable: The Journey at Microsoft’s E3 press conference.

Molyneux said that the new game would make players “100 times more involved,” which is code for “we’re using Kinect.” It was an interesting demo, to say the least.

The CGI trailer looked quite good, as our heroes attempt to escape Albion. However, it then switched to in-game footage, which appeared to be an on-rails shooter with spells. The demo player rubbed his hands together and waved his arms to cast spells.

Yes, the next Fable appears to be a “shooter,” and on rails at that. It will release in 2012.