E3 2011: Ghost Recon Future Soldier Trailer and Gameplay Impressions

By Justin Hutchison

June 6, 2011

At Microsoft’s E3 press conference, they revealed a new trailer for Ghost Recon Future Soldier, the latest in the Ghost Recon franchise, and they showed off the “Gunsmith” weapon customization and testing mechanics the game will feature.

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The trailer features a group of soldiers, decked out with futuristic weapons and tactical headsets, shooting up a truck, rescuing hostages, and stabbing dudes in the throat. Many of the people and items in the trailer were labelled as “targets” and “hostages” in a way that looks as though it would be similar to the interface in-game.

They then brought out the Kinect-enhanced “Gunsmith” system used in the game. Basically, the system allows one to use Kinect and Minority Report-esque motions to fully customize a gun. The devs promise over 2 million possible combination, and considering the amount of options they had (everything from scopes and clips to gas chambers), I’d believe it. It’ll just depend on how significant those options are.

Kinect also allows it all to be changed by voice, with additional options like “randomize” and setting the gun to be most effective for a certain objective, like range.

After customizing the gun, it can be taken to what looks like a virtual shooting range for practice. The gun can be shot using Kinect, but the demonstration made it look really, really awkward. I’m sure you’ll be able to use your controller for those sections anyway.

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Future Soldier is definitely looking promising. The trailer was cool, but the “Gunsmith” gameplay shows that they’re trying to do new things with the Ghost Recon franchise, which is quite pleasing.

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