E3 2011: Mirror’s Edge 2 Confirmed, Will Run on Battlefield 3 Engine

on June 8, 2011 8:00 PM

Fans of the cult action title Mirror’s Edge have waited, and quite patiently I might add, for a very long time for news concerning a new game in the series. While rumors about the sequel have circulated here and there (with the most recent rumors suggesting the sequel’s cancellation) , nothing concrete has been revealed, leaving a strong doubt about the series’ future.¬†EA boss Frank Gibeau has practically confirmed the the sequel to ME today however. When asked about the possibility of Mirror’s Edge 2 running on the amazing Frostbite 2.0 engine (the same engine used by the upcoming FPS killer Battlefield 3), Mr. Gibeau replied:

“you’ll see that combination, I’m sure”

Furthermore, Gibeau explained that they need some big, relevant idea to bring Mirror’s Edge back properly and that they are exploring their options. I’m sure that after all this time, the shock value alone would result in big sales for the sequel, but I second the idea that they need to find something that will send it over the top. The biggest missing factor from the first game was longevity, so perhaps they need to come up with some sort of multiplayer. Either way, this is the best news regarding the sequel we’ve ever heard so now it’s just a game of waiting.


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