E3 2011: Need For Speed: The Run Impressions

E3 2011: Need For Speed: The Run Impressions

EA showed off the recently announced Need for Speed: The Run at their press conference, and they revealed several surprising new features it will have, including on-foot gameplay.

It’s an interesting idea, but considering how games like Tony Hawk turned to crap when they started using on-foot gameplay, it seems like it might go over poorly.

Hit the jump for more details on the demo and the new gameplay.

The demo starts with the character driving a Mustang GT through the streets of Chicago, the cops pursuing him, similar to Hot Pursuit. The driving gameplay looks pretty similar to Hot Pursuit, which is fine. He then gets t-boned by a car, and he runs out of it and climbs up a building to avoid the cops. It all seems very scripted. QTE’s and button-mashing seem to be a big part of the on-foot gameplay. He then jumps off the building and ends up fighting a cop (done totally with QTE’s) and jacking his car, which leads to another Hot Pursuit-esque sequence.

The demo ends with the cop car crashing on a railroad track, with the main character frantically trying to get out (all done with QTE’s).

The driving looks fun and all, but I’m really skeptical about the on-foot gameplay. It just looks like a mess of QTE’s that get in the way of the fun racing. Hopefully it won’t turn out that way, but that’s definitely what it looks like.