E3 2011: New DMC Trailer Installs Faith in Ninja Theory

on June 7, 2011 9:00 PM

People freaked out when Capcom announced that they were rebooting their celebrated action franchise Devil May Cry and they freaked out even harder when the new Dante was revealed and looked nothing like classic Dante. I was one of those people. Being a long time fan of the series, it didn’t look like developer Ninja Theory had any intentions on making a game that die hard DMC fans would respect and love. After seeing the enclosed game play trailer, my stance has changed considerably.

You are about to see the new Dante raze a few hordes of enemies in a manner so stylish, so brutal, so satisfyingly DMC that you may walk away with a newfound sense of faith that this game will deliver. There is even one part where he stabs his sword into the ground and energy surges from him and changes his hair white. The white hair really is here. While I am still pretty skeptical and rightfully so, I have finally seen something that gives me faith in Ninja Theory and this game. DMC will be available on HD consoles and there are no release details available. Hit the break for the trailer.

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