E3 2011: New Nintendo Console Called Wii U, Screen is Placed in Center

on June 7, 2011 12:57 PM

Nintendo has just announced their new console at their E3 press conference, which up until now has been codenamed Project Cafe or the Wii 2. The Wii U, as it is now called, is a controller system, meaning that it has the traditional dual analogs, d pad, dual triggers, face buttons, and rumble attachments we’ve all come to love, without really being a portable console. The image is transmitted on to the screen in from the Wii U, but cannot be taken too far away from the Wii U console. Additionally, the console includes a gyroscope, inward camera, and internal speakers.

The controller itself is its own system, and can be played with independent from or with their TV. It’s good to see that Nintendo has not given up on motion control, and the tech itself is very impressive and far superior to the Kinect and other similar products on the market. What’s nice is that it seems to give players the option to use the control as a traditional controller or as a motion controller, which doesn’t give up any gameplay. Wii accessories will also be usable with the Wii U. The Wii U will also feature a “strong bond with the internet,” meaning that, as vague as it is now, it will use new ways to utilize connectivity from both Nintendo and third party developers.

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