E3 2011: Ruin Brings Action RPGs to the PS Vita

on June 6, 2011 9:46 PM

During Sony’s press conference (which is still happening), they announced an entirely new action RPG title for the PlayStation Vita, called Ruin. It’s an RPG that is done in the Diablo-style, so top-down. It has you romping through dungeons to defeat the boss at the end. There are, of course, a few new ideas involved.

Coming with the terrain of action RPGs, it has very action-oriented, combo-based combat. You can also destroy the environment to help you or damage enemies. This game is meant to be played online, and once you do that, you can interact with other players – you can help them, hinder them, or outright harm them. Depending on the way you play, you can make friends or enemies online. So, in a way you have sort of a persistent MMO world going on, which is all kept track of on the PSN.

What’s most interesting here is that the game will have both a PS Vita and a PS3 version. Using the cloud saving mechanic of the PSN, you’ll be able to save your game on the PS Vita and pick up that same game once you get home and all comfy on your sofa with the PS3. How’s that for nifty? When you’re ready to go back out, the same thing can be done moving the saved game back to the Vita. So there is some pretty significant cross-platform development going on from Sony with their titles. Stay tuned for more!

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