E3 2011: SEGA Announces Massive E3 Lineup and Community Sonic Event

E3 2011: SEGA Announces Massive E3 Lineup and Community Sonic Event

SEGA’s really going hard this E3. They just announced the “biggest parts” of their lineup they’ll have showing, and it really is massive, featuring thirteen games, each of which will probably do pretty well in terms of sales. A lot of them probably aren’t going to be mind-blowingly good, but it’s good to see some exciting, fresh titles mixed in with the big money-makers like the next Mario & Sonic game. You can hit the jump for the full list.

SEGA has also announced a community event featuring Sonic Generations, which will be held this Wednesday at 6PM at the Club NOKIA in downtown LA. Be sure to hit that up if you’re a big Sonic fan in the area.

Anyway, on to the lineup. Hit the jump to read it all. (Believe me, there’s a lot.)

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines

A horror FPS with co-operative multiplayer set in the Aliens universe. Developed by Gearbox Software, makers of Borderlands and Duke Nukem Forever. (360, PS3, PC, set to release Spring 2012)


An “online action combat” game from Platinum Games, makers of Bayonetta, MadWorld, and Vanquish. (360, PS3, set to release January 2012)

  • Binary Domain

Cyberpunk shooter from Toshihiro Nagoshi, maker of the Yakuza series. (360, PS3, set to release early 2012)

  • Captain America: Super Soldier

Tie-in game for the upcoming Captain America film. (360, PS3, Wii, DS, set to release this July, 3DS version set to release this fall)


Sequel to Crush, a platformer for the PSP that utilized changes between 2D and 3D perspectives, now with 3DS features. (3DS, set to release in early September 2011)

  • Guardian Heroes

An action RPG featuring online play. (XBLA, set to release late this summer)

  • House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut

An enhanced remake of the original House of the Dead: OVERKILL, now for the Playstation Move, with new graphics, levels, weapons, and enemies. (PS3 with Move, set to release this October)

  • Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Like the old one but with Soccer and Horse stuff. The 3DS version will be (of course) in 3D and will feature “around 50 Olympic themed events”. (Wii version set to release this November, 3DS version set to release February 2012)

  • Renegade Ops

Co-operative shooter emphasizing destruction and mayhem. (XBLA, PSN, PC download, set to release sometime this year)

  • Rise of Nightmares

First-person horror game making use of the Kinect. (360 with Kinect, no set release date)

  • SEGA Rally Online Arcade

Arcade-style rally racing game. (Already out on XBLA, not yet out on PSN)

  • Shinobi (or Shinobi 3DS)

Re-imagining of the classic series on the Nintendo 3DS. (3DS, set to release this September)

  • Sonic Generations

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Sonic by playing through this game featuring each of the defining “3 Eras of Sonic”, going from re-imaginings of classic 2D levels to new 3D levels. Feel sad as you see how the franchise became the zombie it is today. (360, PS3, 3DS, set to release this holiday season)