E3 2011: Several Fan Favorites Not Coming to Soul Calibur V

on June 9, 2011 7:00 PM

So a new detail has been dropped for the upcoming entry in the celebrated Soul Calibur series. The SC games are renowned for their inclusion of large rosters and characters that have become loved and iconic. Scarily, Namco has revealed that 50% of Soul Calibur V‘s characters will be brand spanking new. Another fact is that the game will feature between twenty and thirty characters in all.

This basically means that while we will get introduced to several exciting new faces, several character staples may be cut from the final roster. Assuming that there are twenty five characters, which is more than twenty and less than thirty, only about twelve characters we’ve grown to know and love will return.

I am pretty interested in the new characters, but equally worried about the SC vets that won’t make the cut. Staples Siegfried and Mitsurigi are both confirmed by their appearance in the game play trailer. Will they cut Taki? Oh no, what if they cut Sophitia!? My gosh it’s worrisome. Soul Calibur V will be available on HD consoles next year.


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